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White Nintendo 3DS XL announced for Australia

Nintendo Australia has announced that a white 3DS XL will be releasing on December 6th in Australia and New Zealand. This date means holiday presents are in order especially considering this special white 3DS XL will be released with a pre-installed copy of Mario Kart 7. Japan received the same model back in July. No price has been announced yet but expect it to be same $249.95 retail price as the other XL colours.

Mario Kart 7 patch available to download now


Nintendo has released the long awaited update to patch up Mario Kart 7 from its known bugs. A few courses have been fixed to make sure that online play is not ruined by players taking massive shortcuts to finish races. People who declare they will not update to keep the bugs can say goodbye to the online feature as the mode is unusable unless the patch is downloaded.

You can download the patch by heading straight to the eShop after your 3DS has finished updating the latest firmware for the console.

Wii has almost double the figure of 5-million game sellers as other consoles altogether

Today Nintendo America has issued a press release statement saying that the ninth Wii game to pass the five million sold mark was Super Mario Galaxy. NPD Group are responsible for the statistics and they say that the Wii has double the amount of 5-million sellers as the other current-generation consoles combined.

You can find the press release after the break.

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Super Mario 3D Land hits five million sold worldwide

Nintendo has announced that Super Mario 3D Land is the very first 3DS title to reach the five million mark. Since November it has sold 5.03 million while Mario Kart 7 has come close at 4.54 million sold. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D has done quite well too at 2.49 million units sold.

Retro Studios could be releasing a new Star Fox game for Wii U

This is just a rumour for now but it could turn out be very true. Retro Studios did a great job for Mario Kart 7 and now Nintendo may be getting them to release a new Star Fox Wii U game. Official Nintendo Magazine have released an article about the history of the company and here is what it says at the end of it:

While some suggest this new project is likely to be a return to the Metroid franchise, we’d love to see another Nintendo hero get the retro stamp of excellence. After all, having rolled out the barrels for Donkey Kong, perhaps it’s time Retro pulled off a barrel roll of a different kind.

Would you like to this a reality for the Wii U? Hit the comments!

Speculation about a new Nintendo Network

Apparently Nintendo are creating a new online service which will rival the Playstation network and XBOX Live service. Not man details have been given but here’s what an unknown source has to say:

Nintendo will launch a website accessible from any web browser that will handle configuration of your Nintendo Network account for use on the Wii U or 3DS. He also stated that Nintendo Network will include many new features that haven’t been used before by Nintendo. According to his accounts: Nintendo Network = Sony PSN = Xbox Live.

I don’t know if many know this but when I go to the online multiplayer in Mario Kart 7 it tells me, “Now connecting to Nintendo Network.” Does this mean the Network’s already in use? What do you think about this rumour?

Nintendo will not be fixing Mario Kart 7 glitch in near future


There is a huge glitch in Mario Kart 7 on the Wuhu Island mountain loop track which gives players a way to shortcut all the way to near the finish of the race. Very terrible indeed. Yet it seems like Nintendo don’t care. Here’s what they say:

We are aware that it is possible to navigate a certain part of the track in Wuhu Island in a way that allows a large part of the course to be bypassed. There are no plans to update the game to remove this shortcut as doing so would create an unfair advantage for the users of the original release of the game. Rest assured your comments have been added to our records for Mario Kart 7.

Do you think Nintendo should fix this glitch? The comments are waiting for you!

3DS and software reach big milestones in the United States


The Nintendo 3DS has reached yet another milestone. This time in the United States. The handheld has now passed four million units sold in nine months of sales beating the Wii which sold the same amount in a year in the US. Also Super Mario 3D Land, Mario Kart 7, and Zelda: Skyward Sword have each sold over 1 million units now which is great to hear. Nintendo say the strong software lineup is the main reason why these holidays had Nintendo written all over.

The 3DS, Super Mario 3D Land, and Mario Kart 7 reach big milestones in Japan


These days are happy ones for Nintendo as Famitsu reports major milestones to key items on the 3DS market. First, the 3DS has passed the four million mark earlier than expected with 4,135,739 handhelds sold. Plus Super Mario 3D Land, and Mario Kart 7 have each passed one million in unit sales with 1,042,511 and 1,082,391 cartridges purchased. These figures are just for sales in Japan alone so it should be interesting to hear what the worldwide figures stand at.

Miyamoto may want Retro Studios to help with a future Zelda game

Well this could be one of the best collaborations if it works out. Retro Studios, well known now for helping with Mario Kart 7 on 3DS, may be helping to create a future Legend of Zelda game. Shigeru Miyamoto has been interviewed and you can check out what he had to say after the break courtesy of wired.com.

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