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Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon only needed one circle pad says dev team


Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon was released on Nintendo 3DS last week and many may wonder why the title did not support the Circle Pad Pro considering the original GameCube classic utilized two control sticks; one for moving Luigi and the other for controlling his equipment. Quite literally, in an interview with IGN, director Bryce Holliday stated that the extra circle pad did not add any different influence to the game so they felt only one was necessary.

“We always wanted it to work with a single circle pad. When we moved to a second analog stick, because we’d actually changed that gameplay mechanic paradigm to the tug-of-war, it just wouldn’t work. There was nothing to do with the second stick. By changing, at the beginning of the project, the high-level strategy around the ghost fishing, we found that when we did experiment with the Circle Pad Pro, it didn’t add anything.”

Circle Pad Pro XL launching November in Japan


Nintendo has announced that the add-on peripheral for the 3DS XL, the Circle Pad Pro XL, will be released on November 15th in Japan. No word has emerged just yet for the Western regions but fingers crossed it will be next month too. The Circle Pad Pro XL will price at 1,500 yen (US$19) and should come as a welcome to those wanting dual analog control options.

First glimpse of the Nintendo 3DS XL Circle Pad Pro

Nintendo has revealed the Nintendo 3DS XL Circle Pad Pro which will be available later on in the near future. The XL Circle Pad Pro looks a little less wide than its predecessor and should come in handy for playing such awesome games as Kid Icarus: Uprising and Resident Evil: Revelations. Will you be picking up a 3DS XL Circle Pad Pro for your system?

Sony attacks 3DS with latest Vita trailer

Sony has taken to attacking the 3DS to try and persuade gamers to purchase its lackluster handheld. The purpose of the trailer is to show the Vita is capable of what the 3DS is not. This includes its inability to make use of first-person shooters with only one circle pad on its current model. One thing Sony forgot though is the fact Nintendo has a special add-on called the Circle Pad Pro that allows the 3DS to utilize two circle pads. What do you think of this trailer? Is it attacking the 3DS?

3DS XL will receive its own Circle Pad Pro

Nintendo has announced that the upcoming 3DS XL will receive its own Circle Pad Pro for those of us who cannot play some games (including Kid Icarus: Uprising) right-handed. The add-on has been given a vague 2012 release window so hopefully it won’t be too long of a wait for it. Are you happy with this announcement or would you rather have seen Nintendo implant a second circle pad into the 3DS XL?

North American and European release dates announced for Metal Gear Solid 3D


Konami has given Metal Gear Solid fans something to rejoice about. They have announced that Metal Gear Solid 3D: Snake Eater will be released on February 21 in North America and on March 8th in Europe. It will also be compatible with the Circle Pad Pro. The game has been delayed for almost a year now so it’ll be great to finally pick up this gem.
Do you want this game?

Kid Icarus: Uprising confirmed to have Circle Pad Pro support


Project leader for Kid Icarus: Uprising, Masahiro Sakurai, has confirmed that the game will be fully compatible with the upcoming 3DS add-on. In the interview with Official Nintendo Magazine he also commented that left handed players shouldn’t have a problem playing the game now that the Circle Pad Pro would be an option.

“The way we are using the Circle Pad Pro in the game is to provide support for left-handed gamers. We’ve made it possible to use the right Circle Pad in place of the left one.”


Circle Pad Pro and Resident Evil: Revelations release dates announced for Australia

Well all is confirmed that both the Circle Pad Pro and Resident Evil: Revelations will release on February 2nd 2012. The cost of the circle pad is known to be $24.95 retail and Revelations will cost $69.95 retail. There will no bundle for the two unfortunately. Who wants the circle pad pro or some more Resident Evil?

Circle Pad Pro coming to Australia


It’s been confirmed by this picture that the new 3DS add-on, the Circle Pad Pro, will be available in Australia. The picture shows the Nintendo Australia company number and the Austick in front of it so rest assured it’ll be here. Nothing else has been revealed yet but hopefully prices, release date, and other things will be announced soon.