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Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate features region-locked multiplayer


Capcom has just stated that Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate coming to Wii U and 3DS next month will feature region-locked online servers. This means that gamers from the separate regions of Europe, North America, and Japan can only play together if they live in the same area of the world. It’s a shame that worldwide online multiplayer will be unavailable especially since Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate will be running on Nintendo servers.

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate coming 19th March in North America, 22nd in Europe


Nintendo and Capcom have jointly announced that the long anticipated Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate will be releasing exclusively for 3DS and Wii U starting in North America on March 19th and then heading to Europe on March 22nd. Both the Wii U and 3DS versions of the game will have the ability to connect together in different ways including forming parties to slay various monsters and completing quests cooperatively.

Capcom explains why Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate for 3DS has no online connectivity


Capcom unveiled Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate at Nintendo Direct two weeks ago for Wii U and 3DS yet we found out that the Wii U version alone would include online play. Capcom has revealed that this is because the development team could not find a perfect enough system to implement the 3DS version.

“To put it frankly, when we were developing the game we were looking into it but there were some places we were unsure about. We didn’t have the correct techniques to get it to work. We decided we probably shouldn’t release something that didn’t work well. We didn’t want to lower the quality of the game.”

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate 3DS will not include online connectivity


Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate will unfortunately not include any online connectivity according to Capcom yet the Wii U version will fully utilize the feature. Capcom has confirmed online play for the Wii U version will be running via Nintendo’s excellent servers which is great news. Are you excited for Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate?

Capcom replies to comments regarding Monster Hunter Tri G localization

You may remember that David Gibson, top worker for Macquarie Capital Securities Japan, came out and stated that a localization for Monster Hunter Tri G was very unlikely. Well, Capcom has responded to those comments by using a very quick remark.

I’d like him to cite a source.

And that’s all he said meaning a localization may be still in the books to occur. Maybe E3 will kill all the rumours regarding this and we should hopefully see the West confirmed to receive the game.

Monster Hunter Tri G could take a while to hit the West


Even though Monster Hunter Tri G has been out in Japan for a while now and has become a total success, the 3DS title still hasn’t stumbled its way over to the West. A Capcom staff member has just come out about the matter with news telling us not to even put our faith in the hope release dates will be announced at E3 in June.

Hang in there, guys. Unfortunately nothing’s been announced for the West and I can’t tell you to hold your breath for E3 either. But Monster Hunter’s not done in the West. It’s just going to take a little longer for something to hit our shores.

Another spelling blunder spotted from Capcom

A lot of you may think Capcom don’t care about their grammar anymore and this advertisement they have released proves how lazy they are at proofreading before publishing something. When you misspell Mercenaries, that is just an absolute disgrace to the company being labelled as ‘Crapcom’.

Do you think Capcom care about how they spell out certain words?