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Nintendo Australia announces Zelda: A Link Between Worlds gold 3DS XL bundle


Nintendo Australia has sent out the latest press release stating that a limited edition gold 3DS XL bundled with the digital copy of Link’s latest Legend of Zelda adventure, A Link Between Worlds, will be released on November 23rd. The console is branded with the game’s two triforces featured in its light and dark worlds and transforms into a full image when the 3DS XL is opened fully. Nintendo Australia stated that the bundle will be exclusive to EB Games.

17th October 2013 – The month of November is set to be an exciting one for Nintendo fans, with the announcement of a Nintendo 3DS XL console inspired by The Legend of Zelda series. Launching the same day as The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds, the new addition is ideal for enjoying Link’s new adventure on 23rd November 2013 at a SRP AU$269.95 and available exclusively through EB Games.

With a download code for the game included with this Limited Edition hardware purchase, fans will be able to download the game directly from Nintendo eShop to begin their adventure. For any Zelda fan, the console is instantly recognisable, with the top shell and the inside of the console decked out in an iconic gold colour, and the bottom shell all black, with a Triforce logo emblazoned across each side. When the console is opened therefore, the double Triforce logo of the game is formed!

In The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds, which follows on from the story of the 1992 Super NES classic The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, enjoy a whole new adventure in the kingdom of Hyrule where Link can now become a drawing to move along walls, allowing a new dimension when solving the fresh set of puzzles on offer. Other new aspects include greater freedom to tackle the various dungeons in the order you want, while many of the most essential items at Link’s disposal will be available early on at a shop run by the character Ravio, who’ll let you rent or buy items before embarking on your next dungeon adventure. 

3DS update version 6.2.0-12 available now


Nintendo has released the latest system update for 3DS which stabilizes system performance and usability as well as highlighting an all-new feature, StreetPass Relay. StreetPass connections will be spread more versatile with this feature when a 3DS user passes by a Nintendo Zone spot. You can read all the details below!

Version 6.2.0-12U available via wireless Internet connection includes the following improvements:

 Added support for the StreetPass relay feature:

  • The StreetPass relay feature relays StreetPass data from one user that passes a Nintendo Zone to the next user that passes the same Nintendo Zone
  • For more information on this feature, click here.

Improved system stability and usability:

  • Further improvements to overall system stability and other minor adjustments have been made to enhance the user experience.

StreetPass relay points are located at Nintendo Zones all across the country. When a Nintendo 3DS user gets near a StreetPass relay point, it automatically stores his or her StreetPass data temporarily and then passes it on to the next Nintendo 3DS user to pass by the same relay point.

StreetPass relay points temporarily store StreetPass data for various games each time a Nintendo 3DS user passes by. This means you can get StreetPass data for several games at once.


  • You must have your 3DS updated to system version 6.2.0- 0U or higher to take advantage of the StreetPass relay feature. (How to)
  • Your Nintendo 3DS must be in Sleep Mode (powered on and closed) to exchange StreetPass data.
  • You will not receive any StreetPass data from the relay point if you are the first person to pass with a specific game’s StreetPass data or if the relay point currently has your StreetPass data.

Black 3DS XL announced for North America


Nintendo of America has just announced today that it plans to release an all-new black 3DS XL model on August 11th. This will coincide with the launch of Mario & Luigi: Dream Team in North America which has already been released for a couple of weeks in Europe and Australia. Black has proven to be a popular colour choice for consoles in the past so hopefully this announcement will bolster the 3DS hardware sales even further for a most impressive sales year.

Nintendo announces pink 3DS XL launching in UK on May 31st


Nintendo UK has announced today that it plans to bring an entirely new colour variation of the 3DS XL to the British market at the end of May. While we know that Japan and the US have both received a pink and white coordinated XL console, this model displays in a full deep pink; unlike anything seen before. The pink 3DS XL will release in the UK on May 31st but does not release as a bundle.

Pokemon X and Y coming to 3DS this October


Generation VI of the Pokemon series has been officially announced as Pokemon X and Y will be arriving worldwide in October of this year. Unlike previous titles in the series, Pokemon X and Y feature an awesome new graphic design including an amazing 3D world much like the Legend of Zelda except more cartoonish. You can check out the video of the new Pokemon titles, X and Y, below!

Wii predicted to outsell Wii U during the week before Christmas


Gaming site GenGAME has estimated sales regarding hardware and consoles in North America via video game stats site VGchartz and is predicting that Wii will outsell its successor Wii U by around 4,000 units. 3DS is looking to be the most popular Nintendo console with almost 320,000 units estimated to be under the Christmas tree while Xbox 360 continues to shine late in its life.

Here are GenGAME’s predicted hardware and console sales charts:


  • 1: X360: 501,426 (+7%)
  • 2: 3DS: 319,757 (+20%)
  • 3: PS3: 257,686 (+9%)
  • 4: DS: 159,486 (+22%)
  • 5: Wii: 159,407 (+8%)
  • 6: Wii U: 155,441 (+3%)
  • 7: PSV: 85,085 (+16%)
  • 8: PSP: 9,732 (+10%)


  • 1:(X360)Call of Duty: Black Ops II -462,854
  • 2:(Wii)Just Dance 4 -453,957
  • 3:(X360)Halo 4 -355,623
  • 4:(X360)Kinect Adventures! -350,333
  • 5:(PS3)Call of Duty: Black Ops II -280,757
  • 6:(PS3)Assassin’s Creed III -214,864
  • 7:(X360)Kinect: Disneyland Adventures -198,172
  • 8:(3DS)New Super Mario Bros. 2 -195,416
  • 9:(X360)Assassin’s Creed III -190,725
  • 10:(X360)NBA 2K13 -189,564