Nintendo TVii will encourage daily Wii U use says Reggie

Nintendo TVii is an application for Nintendo’s upcoming console Wii U and will allow users to watch videos from right across the world wide web. According to Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime Nintendo TV will show you video trends from a wide variety of services so you will never miss out on the latest and greatest.

The way that I would say it is Nintendo TV is certainly going to be something that every member of the family picks up and engages in at least once a day.

We think we have. In terms of a way to find what you want, to actually watch it on the big screen or on the small screen and then to be socially engaged on it, yeah, we do think we’ve created a better mousetrap.

And here’s the example: if you have Amazon video services … for you to find what’s on there, what’s hot, what’s trending, is pretty tough. Now say you’ve got Amazon plus Netflix plus Hulu Plus and you’re trying to figure out what it is you’re trying to watch – that’s what Nintendo TV really solves.

Based on the way you watch TV — which is based on shows, based on the actors, based on the genres, based on what your friends are watching — we solve that equation by letting you search that way across all of your entertainment. For us, we think that’s the big idea.

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2 thoughts on “Nintendo TVii will encourage daily Wii U use says Reggie”

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