Spoiler! Key details for Paper Mario: Sticker Star revealed


Gaming publication Nintendo Power has shared an unbelievable amount of information regarding Nintendo’s much anticipated first party title, Paper Mario: Sticker Star. If you do NOT want to be spoiled then skip over all the information below and read the other posts. For the rest of us feel free to check it out!

Story details

- Begins on the night of Sticker Fest
– Mushroom Kingdom holds annual Sticker Fests so that its residents can see the Sticker Comet arriving
– A wish made on the comet is said to likely come true
– Bowser and his crew show up and disturb the festivities
– Bowser wants the comet’s powers for himself
– Browser lunges toward the comet, but once he does so, it shatters and its pieces fly across the kingdom
– Crown sticker lands on Bowser’s head
– Bowser becomes sparkly and more powerful than ever before
– He kidnaps Princess Peach and runs off
– Mario goes after Peach right away
– He comes across a flying crown named Kersti
– Kersti is the caretaker of the Royal Stickers
– Royal Stickers are wish-granting elements of the comet
– One of them wounded up on Bowser
– Kersti accompanies Mario on his quest and helps him out in using stickers


- Stickers are the main gameplay element in Sticker Star
– Can find stickers all over
– Take a sticker by walking up to it and pressing “A”
– Need stickers to use techniques and attacks in combat
– Stickers can be purchased at one of the game’s shops for coins
– Album holds a limited number of sticker
– More pages will be added to your album as you progress


- Turn-based battles
– Choose a sticker from your album
– Each sticker features a corresponding move that you’ll carry out such as a jump or hammer attack
– Tap the “A” button right before an attack to cause extra damage
– When an enemy is attacking, hit “A” right before the attack to lessen the damage
– A sticker’s efficacy is based on its condition
– A mint-condition sticker is more powerful that a worn-out one
– Special stickers have boosted stats
– Can use the Battle Spinner before a fight
– Spinner is a machine-style mini-game
– Uses some of your coins
– Match two or more symbols to earn bonus items and the opportunity to take more stickers into the fray

Level structure

- Paper version of the Mushroom Kingdom appears as an overworld map
– Decalburg is the starting hub
– Buy and sell stickers at Decalburg
– Talk to residents as well
– Head off to new worlds from Decalburg
– Worlds have multiple levels like a Mario platformer
– Worlds have enemies, stickers, and puzzles

How levels play out

- World 1-3 – Bowser-shaped watersprout is in your way; need to turn it off to progress
– Need to obtain the comet piece at the end of each level
– You’ll sometimes encounter 3D objects such as scissors, a faucet, and a trumpet
– These are categorized as “Things” in the game
– Use these items to solve puzzles
– Some portions of the world will be missing
– Bowser Jr. will tear up a bridge away from the background and crumple it
– Returning it to its rightful place requires “Paperization”
– Press “Y” to make your immediate surroundings become 2D and fall down like a piece of paper lying on a table
– Mario and Kersti hover above the page
– Mario can place something (like the bridge) on the background
– Added object becomes a part of the scene once you return the setting to normal


- World looks like its composed of paper and cardboard
– Arts-and-craft project feel is emphasized
– Bridge is folded up like an accordion and sealed with a sticker
– Peeling the sticker away causes the paper to realistically bounce upward before settling down
– Paper characters can be flown around, folded, and crumpled
– All of these can be used against you during battle
– Enemies may roll themselves up into a cone to prevent you from jumping over them
– Other enemies fold themselves like a card to double the enemies
– First world boss: Goomba that combines with a troupe of his minions to form a giant Goomba with Megasparkle strength
– Koopa Troopas fold up into their shells like origami
– Has humor like previous Paper Marios
– Paper nature of the characters/environments is used for gags
– Nintendo Power says the dialogue is consistently clever

Sticker examples

- Jump: stomp on a single foe; can use it to bounce multiple times; can’t be used on spiked enemies
– Hammer: Common attack; can’t be used on flying creatures; produces a shockwave that hurts an enemy group
– Mushroom: restores hearts
– Fire Flower: throw fireballs; can hit multiple targets
– Shell: hit enemies with the shell; hits anything in its path; won’t hit flying enemies
– POW Block: useful for a lot of damage; smash it to damage all ground-based enemies; can crumple (stun) them
– Baahammer: decorated with a sheep image; makes your enemies fall asleep; enemies will be open to further attacks, but they’ll regain some health while sleeping
– Eekhammer: like a normal hammer, but can be swung multiple times

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