Nintendo confirms leaked Wii U game box art

Gaming site IGN has found out that Nintendo has finalized the leaked Wii U game box art from Amazon and Target. According to Nintendo, you need to contact the publisher if you  want to learn more details about the particular title. Nintendo placeholder logos will start appearing very soon and the finished artwork will be revealed at a later date.

“Nintendo has finalized the design of the Wii U game box art, and many of our publishing partners have already incorporated it into their own game packaging. We are seeing those game packages online as retailers are starting to showcase their games. For details about a specific game’s artwork, please contact the game’s publisher. Nintendo-published game boxes will appear shortly with placeholder logos, and then ultimately with the final artwork for each game.”

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2 thoughts on “Nintendo confirms leaked Wii U game box art”

  1. Aye. Very cool indeed. I have not been on this site in a while. It’s nice to see that it’s as good a quality (if not better) then when I last saw it. Keep on blogging!

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