Star Fox influence would love to work on the franchise again

Dylan Cuthbert was a major influence as to how Shigeru Miyamoto created the original Star Fox for SNES and he has described in a Q&A with retailer GAME the way the story was created for the popular franchise. Cuthbert and Miyamoto created the plot behind the game and Cuthbert stated his partner is the industry figure he most looks up to. Also during the Q&A, Cuthbert mentioned about his hope to one day be able to head back to Star Fox and expand the game even further.

“I remember many years ago when I presented an idea for a game with elaborate concept art and a strong storyline to Miyamoto-san at Nintendo and he quickly rushed through the document and then said ‘ok, and where’s the game?’. He then went onto a bit of a rant about how games should be made from a core concept and only vaguest of story concepts, and then once you find the core of the game you start layering on the story and the world, and he used Zelda as an example of this. Thinking back to StarFox too and it was similar; we developed the game without any sign of intrepid furry space explorers for the first 70% or so, and then suddenly POW!, ‘let’s put a fox in the concept and make it a saga about his missing dad and the fight against Andross’ and it sewed the game up nicely.”

“I like to work on a variety of games or life gets a little boring! Star Fox is a great world and series of characters and one day I’d definitely like to go back to it and expand it further.”

“Most definitely Miyamoto; his private face is different to his public face, and his style of chasing ideas and cutting through bull**** is brilliant – internally he’s kind of like a slightly more friendly Steve Jobs but just as cutting.”

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One thought on “Star Fox influence would love to work on the franchise again”

  1. For those wondering he works for Q-Games. They are known for making StarFox Command. Lets hope they get a new script writer.

    As a Krystal fan I was really disappointed with what they did to her character. If you play StarFox Adventures it is heavily hinted she is a capable fighter and pilot. How else would she have survived for so long alone? She has a fun side to her character but she isn’t a flirt although Assault would make you think otherwise. She can be just as serious as Fox during missions though. She is not an emo. Nor does it make sense for Fox to just abandon her as he would have done so before Assault unless some other really good reason… I could really go into a lot of the characters and what was bad about them in Command though.

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