Updated: Multiplayer confirmed for Luigi’s Mansion 2


Update: Nintendo have just clarified that Luigi’s Mansion 2 is one player only and have apologized for the error on their UK page.

Nintendo UK has confirmed two player multiplayer for Luigi’s Mansion 2 on their official page for the game. We don’t know if it will be over Wi-Fi connectivity or local play and what this is all involves, but stay tuned for the latest.

Updated: Nintendo 3DS update delayed in North America and Japan

Update: It’s confirmed that Europe and Australia are also included in the 3DS update delay. Nintendo has apologized for the inconvenience and unfortunately we have yet another week to wait.

Nintendo has announced that the upcoming firmware update scheduled for release at the end of November has been delayed all the way up to December 8 in North America and Japan. Europe and Australia have not been included in the delay yet but expect it to happen as another 3DS update is still being waited for.

Name change for the new 3DS colour in North America

Nintendo has confirmed about the new 3DS colour for North America but instead of it being called Metallic Rose as reported, it is actually referred to as Pearl Pink. Toys R US made a little blunder there but all is cleared up. You can pick up the new bundle which includes Nintendogs+ Cats for $169.99 starting from December 4. I’m sure a lot of you will be picking up Mario Kart 7 on that day though.

Reports that Sony is creating a Smash Bros clone

Even though Sony denies that they take ideas from Nintendo, this could still be considered as stealing if it turns out to be true. Reports are spreading around the gaming community that Sony is developing a Smash Bros clonelike game which may release for the Playstation 4. This info is still just a rumour though as Sony have claimed they are doing none of the sort. If this happens I will be wondering what type of player roster would be put up as I can think of none better than the SSB Brawl list. Only the geniuses at Nintendo could think of a great series like Super Smash Bros before anyone else.