WiiU wil be revealed in final form at E3 2012


Not much has been talked about the Nintendo WiiU since E3 2011 but it has been announced, by Satoru Iwata, that the final design for the system will be shown at next year’s E3 conference. The WiiU has no guaranteed release date but Nintendo want to make sure the launch doesn’t become screwed like what happened with the 3ds.

New details about the big Nintendo eShop update

In late November, the next 3ds update will be available and one of the major changes will be the eShop. Demos have been confirmed to appear so you will be able to try before you buy. Also you will be able to put your 3ds in sleep mode while its downloading content which, I believe,  should have been from the start. Nintendo also announced that there will be another version of the eShop via the internet on a separate website where you will also be able to download games and other content. It will be interesting to see if the eShop will get a design makeover.